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'Vashan deva Upajivanti, Vasha Manushya Upa'


(Gods or men, the whole universe depends on cows and cow products)

GauShala, a Sanskrit word, means the adobe for the cows and its progeny.

The MGP Gaushala Trust, situated in the tribal belt bordering Gujarat and Rajasthan, is focussed not only on the protection of cows, calves and oxen, but also on research and development into the sustainability of the local breeds.  

Situated over an area of 200 acres, the Gaushala has over 150 cows, calves and oxen under its protection and care. Fed with the highest quality of fodder, the bovine creatures, mostly from the indigenous 'Kankrej' breed, provide high quality A2 milk that is then processed and used by the local villagers apart from being developed into various allied products. 

The following are the regular activities of the Gaushala

  • Provide care and protection to the bovine creatures

  • Providing a conducive environment, excellent fodder and superior medical treatment

  • To focus on a sustainable long term model focused on 

    • Cow management and Infrastructure development​

    • Feed Development, Management and Storage

    • Milk and Allied products development

    • Breed Care facilities

    • Research 

    • Modern medical facilities

  • To promote a cow / cattle based economy in the neighbouring areas

  • To exhibit and present to the world - the importance of Cow wealth. 

  • To preserve the dignity of the older animals by allowing them to live their lives in peace. 

  • Protecting the bovine creatures from any harmful commercial activities

  • Educating neighbouring villagers about Bovine welfare

  • Looking after the local Cattle Wealth during natural calamities such as draughts and flooding

The Gaushala has special arrangements for visitors to learn more about these creatures and to offer fodder to the cows. Godaan (Donation of cows) is also accepted. 

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